My Book Bash Experience


I don’t have any friends that are into Indie Books so I  originally planned to go to Book Bash alone. Got my ticket in early May but then my husband decides that he wants to come to Orlando with me to spend his birthday. And since it is Orlando, why not bring our 4-year-old too. That was a good thing and bad thing…Good: I now had a chauffeur to drive me 7 hours to Florida and maybe someone who could carry the books I was going to purchase while there. We haven’t been on vacation for over a year so this was perfect. Bad: there was no way I could’ve gone to GNO even if I wanted to.

I really would’ve loved to meet up with Natalie ( Love Between the Sheets) and Mary (Mary Elizabeth’s Crazy Book Obsession) both part of the Blogging Buddies’ Book Club but because of schedule conflicts I couldn’t make it. I was intending to get my ticket pre scanned on the 28th to beat the crowd but me and the fam were stuck in the rain at the Animal Kingdom.  I heard they had a fab time meeting CJ Roberts though. Oh yeah, I was jealous.


Made it to the Double Tree Hilton at about 12:10 and was expecting a long line but there was like 3 people ahead of me. Surprisingly, it was very well organized.

And so I thought the 12 books that I brought with me was a lot. Oh No No No! Some had bags and bags, rolling luggage – the works! At first I thought… why haven’t this people checked into their hotel room before coming down here? Then one lady that was in front of me to get Jasilda Wilder’s autograph opened her luggage and books came tumbling out. Seriously… I was like WTF? OK, so don’t laugh – THIS WAS MY FIRST BOOK SIGNING EVER.

I loved how so many authors and other bloggers liked my book idea. About 90% of my books are ebooks so I decided to make this book through Shutterfly. Every author that I’ve read or was in my TBR had a picture of their book and a popular quote from their book. There was this one woman who loved my idea and wanted me to get one made for her but in all the chaos I lost her email address. Sorry! Email me if you read this.

Four hours just seem to have gone by really fast. There was just one book that I wasn’t able to get signed… Reckless by S.C. Stephens. Other signatures that I missed because of the long lines was Kristen Ashley, Jaime McGuire and of course S.C. Stephens. I was looking for Ginger Voight, but didn’t see her there. Did I miss her?

I must say most authors were great, there was one or  two that I could really tell didn’t really want to be there. Haha! No, I am not telling you who. My fav authors to talk to were CJ Roberts of course Cora Carmack. It was past 4pm and she was still taking her time to sign and talk to her fans. Loved her! It surprised me how engaging and sincere some authors were. I mean even the husbands were talking to the fans. Asking what they thought of their wife’s work, did I think it was long enough…what rating did I give it…etc.


My giddy self with Nicole Williams

There was this one author that I was intimidated by. You see, my name isn’t common and I was anxious that she would point out and say … ” You were the one that rated my book a 3.5!” Thank goodness that didn’t happen.

I loved that FedEx was there too. Hopefully I get my boxes when my hubby isn’t home… yes, I did go way over my budget. Some of the authors assistants could just talk you into buying ALL their books when you were just planning on buying 1 for a giveaway. And all the swag…. jeez. Katy Evans wins the prize on best swag IMO with the miniature boxing gloves.

I think I mentioned somewhere that I was a blogger fan. While I was expecting to see Maryse since she was one of the organizers, I never caught a glimpse oh her. I did see my second favorite blogger though but never got to a chance to talk to her since she was running around  taking pictures for her book blog.

I had a lot of fun! I just wish that I had a friend that I could’ve shared the experience with. Now I understand why these book signing can be addictive. I heard that the next Book Bash is in March… this time I will try to be more prepared. This time around, I will most likely be one of those with the rolling luggage!

2 thoughts on “My Book Bash Experience

  1. I’m sorry we didn’t get to meet but so glad you had fun. And yes, I was one of those crazy fans with a rolling crate filled to the top with books 😉 Hoping to see you in Vegas!

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