Tickled Pink

Have any of you read Broken by JB McGee? It’s a terrific book series that I discovered back in January. It’s set in my charming little city of Charleston, South Carolina and features one of the best restaurants – The Peninsula Grill.


Me and the hubby rarely go out alone on date nights. Say about 2-3 nights a year. We have a special needs child at home and we both prefer that one of us is here at home with him at all times even when grandma is willing and available. My birthday was coming up and after reading this book I was most determined to go try this fine restaurant on our next night out . And that is how we ended up here…


I was talking to  JB McGee after book3 was released and I mentioned how I appreciated her beautiful description of our fine city and told her of my birthday plans and that is how I landed  a signed copy of Broken.


After our delicious dinner, I explained to our waiter what the book was about and he gratefully accepted it and said he was going to give it to the head chef. I would have loved to have met him myself but the place was packed! I can understand why. In all honesty, that dinner was in my top 3 eats of all time. The veal… was to die for. So, if you ever stray into Charleston – you absolutely have to put this restaurant on your agenda.  You won’t regret it. The ambiance, the food, the wine and the staff – everything was simply PERFECT.


The coconut cake was just as described in the book – exquisite! Thank you, thank you JB McGee for pointing this restaurant out to me. In your own way, you were part of my  very Happy Birthday. You definitely made my day!

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