Cover Reveal + Giveaway : Loving Me, Trusting You

Loving Me, Trusting You

(The Triple M Series #2)

By: CM Stunich

loving me trusting you

Genre: New Adult/Erotica/Motorcycle Gang
Mature – Ages 18



“Take ’em off.  This is your next lesson.  If you don’t wear a skirt,
be prepared to take off your pants.  Come on, sugar, let’s get to it.
We’ve gotta hurry before somebody drives by and sees us.”

“You’re serious?” I ask him, getting chills and a gut wrenching belly
ache.  Oh God, yes.  I can’t believe I waited twenty-one years for
this feeling.  It’s incredible.

“As a heart attack,” Austin says, taking a drag on his cigarette and
tossing it to the ground, so he can smash it under his boot.  I nibble
my lip for a moment and then start to unbutton my jeans.  Austin’s
eyes follow the motion and narrow when I pause with the zipper halfway

“Take off your shirt,” I command him.  I want to see what’s under
there.  Three times we’ve had sex and not once have I gotten to see
his chest and belly.  He grins at me and obliges, tearing the black
fabric off and tossing it down alongside his vest.

Austin is …Well, God, Austin is ripped.  He’s tight and muscular and
I can see every muscle in his belly as clear as day.  His skin
stretches hot and slick over the firmness of his chest and stomach,
dipping into his pants with a sprinkle of sandy hair.  Above his pecs,
he’s got another skull tattoo surrounded by roses and on either side,
a gun pointing inwards.  Sweat glides across the colorful piece of art
and gets caught between his muscles, sliding down and soaking into the
waistband of his jeans.

I practically tear my boots and pants off in my frenzy to touch him.
I can’t wait.

“Panties?”, he commands me, and I pause.  Being pants-less in the
middle of the road is one thing, but being pantie-less is quite
another altogether.

“Austin?” He grins at me and reaches down, unzipping his own pants.
My gaze follows his hands involuntarily, mesmerizing me.

“Better hurry before somebody comes along and we get interrupted.”


Book 1 : Losing Me, Trusting You

ON SALE FOR .99 Until 6/25/13





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