Review – Blind Attraction (ARC)

Blind Attraction (Reckless Beat #1)

by Eden Summers / To be released 28th May, 2013

Rating  : 4.5/5

eBook Provided for an Honest Review


Book Synopsis

My thoughts:

Mitch could have had any of the half-naked women vying for his attention at their concert but the wholesome, innocent green-eyed beauty shined like a beacon to him. Despite the security risks he goes looking for  her during their concert intermission just to see if she was really that attractive or if it was a trick of the light. Seeing her up close, it  took his breath away. He just couldn’t resist her so he invites her to meet  for drinks after the concert. He could see she was hesitant and confused maybe even fearful. Not the usual groupie response that he expects. Which further intrigues him. What is it about her…

At her friend Kate’s  insistence she caves and decides to take him up on his offer. Just as she agrees to go with him a fight occurs and she takes the brunt of the damage.  She sustains temporary injuries leaving her fragile and vulnerable. Being the considerate and thoughtful man that he is, Mitch volunteers to care for her.

Even though they’ve only known each other a couple days  he starts developing feelings for Alana. Feeling that he can’t explain.  She’s different from anyone he’s ever met. Despite all this, he isn’t willing to take a chance to see where this relationship could lead. He’s willing to give her up thinking that the  rock star lifestyle that he lives will never work. Will Mitch come to his senses before it’s too late?


This is my first Eden Summers read and I’m pretty impressed. You’ve found you a new fan Ms. Summers. Just when I thought “I’ve read one , I’ve read them all” this rock star romance came out and surprised me! Most of them  either have too much rock in it or  way too much sex, but this was a perfect balance of both.

I absolutely loved Alana character. Despite living a sheltered life she was strong – willing to go out there  and experience new things! Even if her mother tried to influence her decisions, she wasn’t having any of it- she simply took a chance and decided to live her own life.

Mitch….mmhmm… drool. At first I though he was feeling guilty for what happened but it wasn’t about that at all . He truly was caring and compassionate, “selfless” and oh so yummy. He gave her everything, brought her to new heights without expecting much back. He was always about her and her needs. Good heavens we need more book bf’s like him!


What is it with you Allie? Why can’t I take my mind off you? I can’t take a single breath without wishing I was touching you.”

The supporting characters really also made a good impression especially ♥ Blake ♥.  The rest of the band members were cool as well. I found myself laughing at their antics and how they egged each other on . Can’t want to hear more about them in the rest of this series. Hopefully it’s Blake’s story.

The only thing about it was there was a couple of questions left unanswered on Alana’s part. It wasn’t a cliff-hanger though so that’s a positive thing. I don’t know if there will be a second book mentioning her family issues but I’m hoping in the end some of those issues gets resolved.

If you’re looking for a Rock Star Romance you absolutely need to read this one.

Author’s  Reckless Beat Pinterest Board:


Authors Casting Choices :

Jared Padalecki as Mitch. Miranda Kerr as Alana.


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