Review – Restore Me (Spoiler Free)

Restore Me ( Wrecked #2 )

by J. L Mac / ARC to be released 4/30/13

Rating 5.5 Stars


Synopsis : Click HERE

I honestly was not that impressed with Wreck Me (Read my review HERE) and really didn’t know what to expect with Restore Me. And after staying up all night reading it,  I would have to say that this has to be one my top 3 favorite reads for this year . It was raw, it was  emotional, it was heart wrenching and  powerful. It had me in tears from the very beginning, at the Prologue. My poor husband had to ask me multiple times what was wrong with me.

Compared to Wreck Me, there were many more elements added in this story which would normally make it overwhelming and even somewhat confusing but Ms. Mac pulled all of the different new aspects  together  flawlessly.


Oh, Hell no maintenance man, GTFO!

First there’s Jo and  her emotional turmoil she’s experiencing after the incident that Damon pulled in book 1,  then there’s a new guy that’s gets introduced into the story , then of course there was the relationship rebuilding which was FANTABOULOUS and the absolute kicker in this one is dealing with the demanding and unexpected relations.

I had once compared this series to another one of my favorite series, and to be honest I think this one will come out on top. I cheered and I cried, yelled and I even giggled at Grams antics. It was such an emotional roller coaster….a  ride that I didn’t want to get off of. Thank you, thank you Ms. Mac for writing such a phenomenal story.


This review will be rewritten, with more details after book is released.

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