Review – The Girl in 6E

The Girl in 6E

By Alessandra Torre

Rating : ♠ ♠ ♠ ½

” I wanted him. On me, in me, and dead beneath me.”


Book Synopsis:

I screw men for money. Not literally, think phone sex operator with a 15 megapixel web cam thrown in. They tell me their deepest, darkest fantasies while paying me $6.99 a minute.

What would possess me to engage in such a business? Throw in a tortured past, 24/7 murderous thoughts, and a desire to keep the innocent people of my small town safe.

I was contained, out-of-the-way, sexcamming my way to utter obscurity until HE came along. A twisted client armed with a target’s name. Annie. And in that name, everything changed.


My synopsis:

I would  not categorized this as a romance so if that is what you’re expecting this one isn’t for you.  Don’t know how it was perceived as so but to me it read more like an erotic/ psychological thriller lite.

Deanna Madden also know as JessReilly19 is  anthropophobic ( fear of human interaction) and a cruorimanic (obsession with murder). She hasn’t left her apartment for the past three years. Her only contact with the outside world is through the internet. Everything that she needs to live is delivered by Jeremy, the UPS guy. To finance this life she becomes an expert in camming. And she’s excellent at it.

Throughout the book we read in detail the oddities and sexual  preferences of multiple customers. We also get a graphic description of how she becomes the way she is.  And it is horribly disturbing.


Jeremy has always been intrigued by the woman in 6E. He tries to get a glimpse of her over the years but the only thing he manages to see is her wrist.  During one of his deliveries, he goes about his usual routine… but oddly she doesn’t respond through the door like she normally does. This alarms him and he decides to enter her apartment without permission. And finally he sees her…all of her. Their meeting is intense and overwhelming for the both of them. After a scuffle he leaves her apartment as she asks. She’s left confused and since that meeting he can’t get her out of his mind.

In the three years that she’s been doing this one customer’s perverse fantasy grabs her attention up to the point that she leaves her apartment to prevent a horrible crime that she speculates is about to happen. She ends up saving a life and in the end comes to the conclusion that she was destined to  be the way she is  to save this life.


“God giveth, and he taketh away.”

My thoughts:

I’ve read Blindfolded Innocence sometime last year and enjoyed it so decided to give this one a try. This book was so not what I expected. To say the least, I’ve learned a lot. I didn’t realize that camming could earn you that much money, if the figures are true that is. Also as soon as she mentioned this phobia and the mania I definitely had to look it up immediately and come to find out anthropophobia really does exist, while I can’t find anything yet about cruorimania it sounds like something like that would exist as well perhaps as another term.

So how do I feel about this book?  While I am glad that Deanna was able to overcome her issues and even make something so horrible in life become something very positive…I honestly still feel cheated. I wish there was a detailed ending specifically about  her and Jeremy… I mean everything else was detailed and explicit.  That last paragraph just left me speechless. Turning the page and not finding anything else there… my reaction was “WTF!” I was looking for a surprise chapter at the end, or an epilogue….anything! Why did you leave me hanging like that? WHY!

So, I’ve read other reviews and everyone gives so much praise to this book. So, I’ve come to the conclusion that this book just wasn’t for me. Would I recommend this book? Yes, I still would if you’re looking for something very different. I just hope you are not as disappointed as I was at the end.

Casting Pick:

Katie as Deanna. Tom would have a coronary.


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