Review – The Reluctant Dom

The Reluctant Dom

by Tymber Dalton

Rating : BDSM 6 STARS

“Some people, for various reasons, need pain. They use it. It’s how they function, how they deal with their emotions. Some use it to help relieve intense emotional pain in an external way. Some use it to feel like they’re connected to life again.”



Love hurts…if you’re lucky.

Kaden knows he’s dying, but before he goes, he has one problem he needs to solve – he must ask his oldest friend Seth to take over as his beloved wife’s Dom and Master after his death.

Seth has always seen himself as the perpetual screw-up and Kaden as the strong and steady one, so his friend’s request rocks his world. Now Seth finds himself immersed in a role he’s far from comfortable with: inflicting pain to provide emotional comfort for the woman he’s secretly loved for years. Can he deal with his crushing grief and learn the skills he must master in time to become THE RELUCTANT DOM?

"Her hold on Finn eased incrementally as he pressed forward. Sweat and heat flooded his spine, building him up and up. Slowly, he pushed into her until his pelvis lay flush against her body. "

My Thoughts:

I absolutely loved this one! It was so much more that an erotic BSDM. It’s all about  …

                                                                 ♥ l-o-v-e ♥

Unconditional love, true love, brotherly love. It’s also about moving on and about second chances in life.


First we meet Kaden. How could you not love a man like that? He changed his whole lifestyle for Leah. Early on in the relationship most people would have left and moved on if they found how damaged she was. But instead he accepts her, marries her, cherishes her, makes their life work, he adjusts for her and they grow together as a couple. How he loves his best friend is unequaled. I think its rare to have a 40+ year “BEST” friendship. Best to the point that he wanted to share everything thing with him, even the love of his life. How he sets both of them up even after  he’s gone is just unimaginable and honorable. Selfless.

“Here he was, dying, and still talking about things for Leah.”


“I want her to be happy, Seth. I want her to love and live and not spend her years in a black hole. I don’t want her to kill herself.”

Everything that he did for the past  twenty years was for her and even after he was gone he made sure that both of them felt his presence in their every day lives and on special occasions. Even the small details were not overlooked. Where can one find someone and let alone imagine and write about someone like that?

And then there is Seth. You can tell he was torn up about all of this. First about Kaden’s illness and death, learning about his best friends lifestyle, the life changing favor that Kaden asks of Seth. Instead of running for the hills he took it like a man and decided to stay. When he finally realizes all that time he had an emotional attachment to Leah I can’t imagine the inner torment he felt. Despite all of this, he got over it , he had his emotional moments (who wouldn’t) but he knew he needed to be strong. Both Kaden and Leah were counting on him.


 "How long have you been in love with me?" he whispered." (Seth)
"Always." ( Leah )

I absolutely recommend this one. I don’t remember the last time I sobbed over a book. By chapter 3 ..I was like…” Oh noes, here comes the waterworks.” The writing was superb, the story was smooth and perfect. The relationship dynamics? OH MY! That was some serious hardcore SEX. And it wasn’t really even about sex. The scenes were perfect. And they were hot, hot, hot.  Seemed well thought out and detailed. I for one do not have any experience or personally know anyone into S&M and this book was educational to me. It was like reading a fundamentals in BDSM book. It helped that the author is experienced in the subject matter. The letters at the end were so moving, jeez!  I absolutely loved this one.

“…I have every faith in you, Seth, that you will keep her safe and keep her wanting to live. Or get her back to wanting to live. She loves you….”


“I love you, and I don’t want anyone else. Ever. I lost Kaden, but I still have you.”

What I would have changed in the story:

Just 2 phrases that were too repetitive. First the “Kaden’sdying” and the ” I love you, but I still won’t do you” thing. Writing it once or twice would have been enough. I sort of kind of wanted Tony in on the Seth-Leah  relationship at the end but I just found out he has his own book. I hope we get to see how Seth and Leah’s relationship progresses.

Tony's chance at love.

Tony’s chance at love.

Casting choices:

I don’t remember reading a detailed description on Seth or Kaden. I do remember that they were in their 40’s and I think these 2 are perfect.


Both great actors and admit it, they are sizzling.

For Leah, I imagined Kristen Davis through the whole book. I think these 3 would have the good chemistry described in the story.


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